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Some symptoms include:

– Feelings of impending doom

– Feeling out of control

– Heart palpitations or racing heart

–  Sweating

–  Trembling or shaking

Some symptoms include:

– Being in enclosed spaces

– Being in open spaces

– Being outside of the home alone

– Using public transportation

– Standing in line or being in a crowd

Some symptoms include:

– Being irritable

– Being easily fatigued

– Concentration difficulties

– Having muscle tension

– Having problems falling or staying asleep

Fear 01

Fear is often in response to a threat that is both known and understood. It is usually rational and understandable. When it comes to anxiety, that is caused by the unknown or a threat that might not make a lot of sense.


Stress 01

The stress response is how we react to danger to help us save our lives. Our bodies wouldn’t be able to fight or flee the way they need to when facing danger. It is a very helpful response in those types of situations.


Anxiety 01

Anxiety manifests itself as a general or vague sense of apprehension. That is what can be so debilitating about it. It can be continuous and long lasting and the person who has it may not even understand why.



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