Romania has stopped ACTA ratification

Romania has stopped ACTA ratification (photo axente ovidiu/
Romania has announced that it stopped the ratification of the controversial agreement concerning fighting against trading in counterfeited goods and Internet piracy (ACTA) in connection with the decision to send it to the EU Justice Tribunal by the European Commission.

"The development of the international situation has been taken into account. Some countries have already stopped this agreement, while the European Commission asked the Justice Tribunal for an opinion concerning the agreement," said the spokesman for the Romanian cabinet, Dan Suciu.

Romania was one of the 22 countries which signed the ACTA in January. After manifestations in which thousands of people protested against the agreement, the recently appointed Prime Minister, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, announced that the cabinet was preparing a substantive opinion about the document.

The European Commission decided to send the ACTA to the Justice Tribunal so that it could assess if the agreement violates basic rights. The agreement, connected with, among others, piracy on the Internet, contains regulations concerning protecting intellectual property which, according to its critics, limit a free functioning of the Internet.

The states which decided not to sign the ACTA include Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia while the cabinets of Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Austria decided to put off the ratification of the ACTA.

The consent given by the European Parliament and national Parliaments of the member states is necessary so that the agreement could come into use.
Posted on Fri, 2012-02-24 12:38