Jerzy Tragalski on how "junk-elites" rewrite our history

Jerzy Tragalski on how "junk-elites" rewrite our history (photo Igor Smirnov)
Who is responsible for the Stalinists’ era? We’ve learned recently from the Gazeta Wyborcza daily that Poland after 1945 was not under the soviet occupation but it was a “Polish state” of some kind. It looks as if Poles had built communism themselves.

Since it failed to burden the Poles with responsibility for holocaust, the newest invention are the „Polish concentration camps” after 1945. Marcin Wojciechowski from the Gazeta Wyborcza daily writes, that if the III Republic is a legal continuity of the communistic Poland, it should be taken responsible for communistic crimes. Continuity of university diplomas is to prove that it was “Polish state” which contributed to building camps for “Disown Soldiers”, and accounting that to the soviet rule in Poland is a “comforting hands’ washing and taking the responsibility for all wickedness that took place in the Stalinists’ era away.

It’s easy to blame soviets or communists -tells us Gazeta Wyborcza's columnist - but the communistic crimes were committed by the Poles. The perpetrators were not people sent from Moscow, but people of different origin, including Jewish, but identifying themselves with Poland, wearing Polish uniforms, documents, speaking Polish. It is the highest time to admit it courageously instead of playing a victim.

It looks as if it was on behalf of the Polish state that Salomon Morel became the commanding officer of the camp in Jaworzno for “Polish young bandits”, It was in the name of the Polish state, and not the soviet administration, he jumped on the pile of prisoners in shoes studded with hobnails until all of them were dead.

If he spoke Polish and feel Polish, when he smashed prisoners sculls with a stool, there is a Polish state responsible, i.e.: Poles who were building the country and received diplomas from its Universities. Salomon Morel fled to Israel, and later on Israel refused to bring him to justice.

Was it in the name of the Polish state when Stefan Michnik (uncle of Gazeta Wyborcza editor-in-Chief Adam Michnik) committed judicial crimes, ruling out a death sentence for Karol Strak, military counter-intelligence Chief before 1939, and soldier of the Home Army?

Was it the case of Major Zafiryn Machalla, serving in the Polish units under British command and sentenced to death by the communistic murderers in uniforms?

Or was it the case of Lieutenant-Colonel Helena Wolinska-Brus, who gave her instructions to arrest General Emil Fieldorf Nil, vice-commanding officer of the Home Army, and supervised the investigation leading to the judicial murder?

If Polish independent state heroes were murdered in the name of the Polish state, we should expect that in the next step they would be recognised as bandits, exactly the same as the Stalinists claimed.

The strategists of that lie invented that operation to legitimise soviet administration, equalising it with the Polish Underground State. That propaganda operation is directed to prevent acknowledging the “Disown Soldiers” as our heroes and place them along the ranks of soviet criminals murdering Poland’s freedom. 

The Jewish communists claim to be identified with all of the Jews - despite they are just a marginal minority - to make anti-communism and anti-Semitism equal. Now for the communistic crimes it is the Polish state to be blamed, not the soviets (Russia). The murderers are being cleaned and the victims are to be burdened with guilt. Firstly, they took away their lives from them, now they attempt to take off them their dignity and honour.

Now the most dumb, the most hypocritical, and chicken-hearted III Republic supporter should understand why the “junk-elites” and lies-strategists did not allowed to break off with the communistic era. In the first step the ancestors of communistic criminals constructed the III Republic, to accuse the Polish state for all of the soviets crimes in the next one. They attempt to clean themselves and take advantage of the social position preserved for them by their fathers and grandfathers.

Everyone who buys the Gazeta Wyborcza daily supports the system of lies and became responsible for it. You chose future for you did not want to care about the history. Here you have what you wanted.
Posted on Mon, 2012-02-27 14:15