A former communistic spy - Tomasz Turowski - at court

A former communistic spy - Tomasz Turowski - at court (photo )
A former communist spy – Tomasz Turowski – arrived at court in Warsaw yesterday. Turowski was responsible for preparing the late President, Lech Kaczynski, visit to Russia on 10 April 2010. Now Turowski sues a journalist – Cezary Gmyz – a columnist working for the Rzeczpospolita daily.

During yesterday’s hearings three witnesses gave their testimony. Jakub Opara - an official from the Lech Kaczynski’s Chancellery - who was in Katyn on 10 April 2010, confirmed that he heard from Turowski that three passengers had survived the crash. Witold Bagienski from the Institute of National Remembrance talked over Tomasz Turowski files, which are being stored in the Institute.

It turned to be emotional when his testimony gave a former anti-communistic oppositionist – Piotr Jagielinski – who met Turowski in France. After studying concerning him Institute files he had realised that reports on his activity had been prepared by Turowski. For a long time Jagielinski remained unconscious about Turowski real intentions.
“I had no idea that he was a communistic grass” – stated Jagielinski at court what caused a shocking reaction of Turowski’s advocate, who started suggesting that Jagielinski had some mental problem.

The former communistic agent was active at court asking questions. What was surprising he arrived at court surrounded by body guards.

pictured above: Turowski's bodyguard, Cezary Gmyz, Tomasz Turowski/photo Tomasz Hamrat
Posted on Thu, 2012-08-09 11:56