Russia is afraid of China

Russia is afraid of China (photo Gary Tamin/
The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has announced that it is necessary to defend the country against "expansion of the neighbouring states." Currently, Russia is afraid of the Chinese continually coming to Russia.

"It is important not to allow the creation of negative phenomena, e.g. forming enclaves consisting of citizens of other states in the territory of Russia. Unfortunately, few Russians live there so our task is to protect our Far East against the expansion of the neighbouring states," said Medvedev during a session of the cabinet during a debate concerning migration.

Many commentators notice that it has been the fiercest Medvedev's speech ever about the increasing number of the Chinese in the eastern territory of Russia. The Reuters agency stresses that such a way of speaking of the Russian Prime Minister shows that the Kremlin is afraid that a constant flow of immigrants from China into these territories will make Russia lose control of them.

While the number of the Russians has been steadily decreasing and currently amounts to 143 million, China has the biggest number of inhabitants in the world (approximately 1.34 billion in July 2012, according to the CIA data) and needs a lot of resources due to their economy which is developing very fast. In order not to lose its Far East for China, Russia is systematically increasing its political and military presence there.

One of the ideas to improve the situation in the Far East was creating the Ministry of the Far East which is to strengthen various programmes which have already been started. Within one of them the Russians from post-Soviet republics are to move to that region, strengthening its Russian-speaking community. However, so far ... only 400 families have been relocated.

The Russian immigration policy has been carried out according to the directions given by Vladimir Putin who demands that national minorities in Russia should be under the influence of the Russian culture and immigrants wanting to live in Russia should take exams in the Russian history and language.
Posted on Fri, 2012-08-10 13:18