"Amber Gold" affair is just a tip of the iceberg

"Amber Gold" affair is just a tip of the iceberg (photo Zbyszek Kaczmarek_Gazeta Polska)
The Prime Minister knows that launching a Parliamentary committee to investigate into the Amber Gold affair can end up his political career; one of his closest political affiliates – Jan Krzysztof Bielecki – is said to be allegedly connected with the sinking business.

As we have learned from niezalezna.pl a number of Bielecki acquaintances has been working for Amber Gold, as Miroslaw Ciesielski – former employee of GE Money Bank. Ciesielski has been working with Bielecki in consulting “Doradca” company for years. Miroslaw Bielinski, the Chairman of state owned Energa company, and close friend of Bielecki, decided sponsoring Andrzej Wajda movie production about Lech Walesa.   

As everything seems to indicate the Amber Gold affair is just a tip of the iceberg covering so named „Gdansk connections”. There are serious people from the Gdansk Civic Platform standing behind all of it, as the Gdansk’s President – Pawel Adamowicz.

However, there is no evidence at the moment that Amber Gold has been paying for favours in business, but according to the opposition it is an issue the future Parliamentary committee should focus on. As the opposition MPs believe, Marcin P. has not been acting on his own account.

Niezalezna.pl informed that local judiciary system seemed to protect dubious enterprises. The prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz refused to investigate into the Amber Gold affair after it was notified on suspicion of committing a crime by the Financial Supervisory Body (KNF).
Posted on Wed, 2012-08-22 10:12