Tusk gets angry when asked about Smolensk

Tusk gets angry when asked about Smolensk (photo kprm.gov.pl)
For a few days Donald Tusk has been appearing in the media. Yesterday he organised a press conference during which he wanted to say once again what he was going to do. However, a "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" journalist asked him a question about the responsibility for the mistakes made in Moscow just after the air crash. The journalist's questions made the Prime Minister angry. Donald Tusk refused to say anything about the Smolensk air crash and a moment later he left the press conference.

After quite a few weeks Donald Tusk decided to make people pay attention to him. On Friday there was the expose for which Donald Tusk was criticised by everyone except for his ardent supporters. 2 days ago he was the guest of 2 TV programmes: a Monika Olejnik's one on TVN 24 and a Tomasz Lis's one on TVP 2. These 2 journalists made sure the Prime Minister's image did not get worse - Monika Olejnik's programme even lasted nearly 20 minutes longer than planned! And yesterday Tusk organised a press conference during which he wanted to keep on talking about his plans.

Samuel Pereira from the "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" daily reminded Tusk's words, assuring that he was taking full responsibility for, among others, blatant mistakes during the identification of the victims of the Smolensk air crash. "Do you keep up these words?" asked the journalist.

Donald Tusk reacted in a very restless way. First, he ineffectively tried to attack the journalist by saying that it was time to finish with speaking about Smolensk and soon after this he nearly left the room in which the press conference had taken place.
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Posted on Wed, 2012-10-17 10:36