Melak: "Scientists will get to the truth"

Melak: "Scientists will get to the truth" (photo Zbyszek Kaczmarek/Gazeta Polska)
"The conferences are of utmost importance. They totally change what was said to have been established during investigations carried out by both the MAK and Miller," says to the portal Andrzej Melak, the brother of Stefan Melak, the head of the Katyn committee, who got killed in the Smolensk air crash.

During the conference a non-political approach of scientists was presented and the scientists could not come to terms with the theses suggested by the MAK and by Miller's committee, which were against the laws of physics. It is a success that the findings presented during the conference at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University are scientific, documented and justified in theory and in practice. Particular moments of the Smolensk air crash were re-created wth the use of the most modern systems. Moreover, they were done by the most prominent specialists. More than 100 professors, scientists and also thousands of other PhDs, adjunct professors and specialists. This shows a contrast between the crumminess of the findings of Miller's committee and the works quoted during the conference in Warsaw. For the time being these were only subjects connected with mechanics, concentration and others. I know that what is the most important aim of these scientists is getting to the truth. Regardless of the costs, both political and financial ones.

It should be reminded that these conferences were organised because these scientists had paid for them. Because a part of the scientific world is simply frightened and is extremely afraid of touching the Smolensk subject. I think that the conference helped to overcome certain patterns and fear. And this will bring beneficial results. In the future similar conferences devoted to the subjects connected with the law, medicine and psychology are to be organised. This is the direction which should be effective. What is a total scandal is the fact that the regime media did not mention this conference at all and showed their servility for the authorities. This is what needs to be changed.
Posted on Wed, 2012-10-24 10:49