Check if You Have Social Anxiety

Most people who are diagnosed with anxiety are surprised to hear so because they don’t actually realize how much they are truly spending time worrying. A full 18% of the population suffers from anxiety, and that is a large chunk of change.

It can be far too easy to overlook your anxiety because people think it means that you are introverted, and that’s totally okay. But if you have anxiety, it can interfere with your social life and work as well. It’s more than just “I feel awkward”. It’s also totally possible to be an extrovert with social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder ICD 10 is a very specific social phobia that can be detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing. The social anxiety institute is a great way to examine if you have social anxiety and what to do about it.

Here are a few different signs of social anxiety that you can look for.

–    You skip fun things because you worry that you will feel awkward.

This one is fairly common to experience. Often you won’t go to events that you wanted to experience just because you’re worried about feeling out of place or like you don’t belong. That isn’t fair to yourself, and you deserve to have these experiences.

–    If you’re appearance changes, you are scared to socialize.

Fairly often we may experience a haircut that doesn’t look the way we wanted or a breakout. These things shouldn’t stop you from leaving your house, but if you have social anxiety, it definitely can. You’ll be worrying too much about what other people may think.

–    You never expect to make friends.

It shocks you that you even have friends at all because you don’t understand how people would like you or want to be around you. You just don’t see anything worthwhile about yourself. You also may think you’re too weird to be approachable to anyone.

–    You believe that everyone around you secretly looks down on you.

It is unfathomable to you that people don’t secretly think awful things about you and look down on you. This makes you avoid places where you may have to interact with coworkers or classmates, so you don’t feel judged.

–    You use social media, but you relentlessly edit and double check.

It’s almost impossible to get away with not using social media these days, and if you use it, you probably overthink everything you post and edit it too much. You might even go back and edit or delete your posts frequently.

You may be asking yourself is social anxiety a disability? Yes, yes, it is. It can really impact your day to day life and interfere with your ability to provide for yourself. But there are ways to help you handle it.

Social anxiety is not a fun experience, but recognizing you have it is the first step to getting some control and moving forward with your life.

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