Antoni Macierewicz

02/05/2011 Justyna Blazejowska
Antoni Macierewicz
Antoni Macierewicz was born on 3 August 1948 in Warsaw. He comes from an educated family (so-called ‘intelligentsia’). His great-great grandfather was an officer in the war of 1792 with Russia and his grandfather Adam was one of the founding fathers and a member of the National League and Roman Dmowski’s collaborator. His father Zdzislaw was a member of the National Party, then a soldier of the Home Army (AK) to became after the war the Treasurer of a Christian democrat party - the Labour Party, and a chemistry Reader at the University of Warsaw. He was found dead in his study on 10-11 November 1949. Mostly likely he was murdered by the secret police - Security Office (UB). His wife Maria (PhD in biology) worked in the National Institute of Hygiene. Antoni was her youngest child.
A. Macierewicz: A several dozen of Tu-154 hull pieces found three hundred metres before it allegedly hit the ground
Three hundred metres before Tu-154 allegedly crashed into the ground the Russians were to find several dozen or so elements of the wreckage, but not just its wings – revealed Antoni Macierewicz at his meeting in Lomianki today. As Macierewicz believes it is yet another piece of evidence proving there must have been an explosion onboard. As Macierewicz accented it is still only a hypothesis. Nonetheless, as the Chair to Parliamentary Committee investigating into the crash he came into possession of a material, that cannot be yet published, and which allegedly settling what did cause the crash and complete demolition of the wreckage – we have learned from portal.  Several dozen of pieces coming from the hull of a human hand size have been found by Russians about three hundred metres before the first ever trace of the airplane touched the ground.
What does Prime Minister Tusk do when he lacks arguments? He attacks Antoni Macierewicz...
Even though some journalists from the portal tried twice to ask Donald Tusk during his press conference about the nearest plans of Maciej Lasek's committee as well as about the budget planned for its work, he did not refer to it even a single time. Instead, he attacked Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash and called him a wrecker - just like in the old days. According to Tusk, Antoni Macierewicz is going to "go down in history" with such a title. What will the future generations of Poles think about the current Polish Prime Minister?
Notification concerning the injured in Smolensk
Antoni Macierewicz has notified the prosecutor's office about the negligence of professional duties, connected with interrogating the people who pointed out that someone might have survived the Smolensk plane crash. The Head of the Parliamentary committee looking into the causes of the Smolensk plane crash reminded on Saturday during his visit in Krasnystaw that on numerous occasions he had pointed out the accounts of a few people, including Jaroslaw Drozd, a Polish general consul in Saint Petersburg who was at the crash site and who quoted the words said by Russian doctors and paramedics as well as the account given by a functionary of the Government Protection Bureau who was ordered to find these people in hospital.
Strasbourg: What do we know 3 years after the Smolensk plane crash?
During a meeting of the European Conservatives Group in the European Parliament Antoni Macierewicz called for help to create an international committee dealing with looking into the causes of the Smolensk plane crash. "I call everyone present here but most of all, through MEPs, to activate appropriate institutions of the European Union, which should help to create an international committee before it is too late," said the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the plane crash. Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP, had been invited to Strasbourg by the Head of the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists, Martin Callanan.
No actions has been taken to examine the key witnesses - believes A.Macierewicz
There is no evidence to give an assumption to believe that anybody should have survived the Smolensk’s crash – announced the prosecutor’s office. However, the investigators did not even try to examine rescuers or drivers of ambulances present at Siviernyj Aiport on 10 April 2010. ‘At no time the prosecutor’s office motioned to its Russian counterparts to provide a legal help in form of examining these people. This is something absolutely unusual and hardly comprehensible’ – alerts Chair of the Parliamentary Investigating Committee, Antoni Macierewicz. Evidence collected at the crash scene, and farther examinations that followed, have not delivered any premises to believe that anyone should have survived the catastrophe’ – informed yesterday Mateusz Martyniuk, the General Prosecutor’s Office Spokesman.
A press conference on Smolensk's crash in Strasbourg
A press conference: ‘Three years after the Smolensk’s catastrophe. What do we know today?’ is going to be held on 16 April 2013, at 3.30 pm., in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The conference is to be attended by Ryszard Legutko, MEP, and Antoni Macierewicz, the parliamentary committee investigating into the Smolensk crash Chief.   A report containing commission’s latest establishments is to be presented during the conference. On Wednesday, 17 April 2013, between 2 and 3 pm all gests will have a chance to use a recording studio to document any discussions with the conference’s participants.  
Macierewicz: "We have evidence that there was an explosion in the air"
"We know for sure that this plane exploded in the air, that there was an explosion in the air which led to the destruction of the plane," says Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash in an interview for Dorota Kania. He stresses that in the report which is to be announced tomorrow, i.e. on the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash, there is evidence confirming the explosion.  
Macierewicz takes Michnik to court
Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash, is filing a lawsuit against Adam Michnik, the editor-in-chief of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily. This is so due to the information provided by the newspaper that experts of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash used the money from the Chancellery of the Sejm. "This is a lie of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily," said Antoni Macierewicz at a press conference. "I am going to send a lawsuit to Adam Michnik and to ask him to come to court. I stress that none of the experts of the committee was financed by the Chancellery of the Sejm," added Macierewicz. The Head of the Parliamentary committee also reminded that Adam Michnik had already lost two such lawsuits.
Antoni Macierewicz comments on court's decision to resume the investigation into state officials actions on 10 April 2010
Antoni Macierewicz MP, while talking to portal, admitted that court’s decision to resume an investigation into alleged infringements and neglects committed on occasion of preparing state visits to Smolensk on 7 and 10 April 2010 has – in his opinion – crucial character for the entire investigation, and gives a chance to bring to trial all of these responsible.
On 10th April 2013 partial report of Macierewicz's Committee will be released
"On 10th April the Parliamentary Committee is going to present a partial report devoted to the course of the Smolensk plane crash, taking into account new findings concerning preparations for the flight and legal issues," announced Antoni Macierewicz, the Head of the Committee and a Law and Justice MP. "The material (...) will not only concern the very plane crash but in all the parts of the report which we are preparing now: both preparations in the aspect of safety, in particular - the course of the events as well as legal issues which were decisive as to giving the whole investigation to the Russians. This partial material which is going to be presented will include new aspects in these issues," said Macierewicz.
Macierewicz wants an extraordinary session of Committee of Justice and Human Rights in connection with Smolensk plane crash
Antoni Macierewicz, the leader of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk plane crash, has submitted a motion to organise soon a session of the Committee of Justice and Human Rights in connection with the recent information concerning the Smolensk investigation. This is about revealing the personal data of the pilots, of members of the crew of the Presidential plane and of the families of the Smolensk plane crash victims to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the alleged common research concerning the presence of explosives on the Tu-154M wreckage, prepared by the Polish and Russian experts (the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office denied it) as well as the motion submitted by lieutenant colonel Jaroslaw Sej to examine the samples of genetic material taken by the Russians in order to verify, among other things, the presence of alcohol in the blood of the Smolensk plane crash victims.
Duchess takes an interest in the Smolensk plane crash
The Duchess of Doimi de Lupis Frankopan Subic Zrimski, Prof. Ingrid Hildegard Detter PhD, a world-known authority in the milieu of lawyers, met yesterday with members of the Parliamentary Committee Investigating the Smolensk plane crash. She was given the White Book by Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Committee. "Prof. Duchess Ingrid Detter de Frankopan is a person from the political, scientific and social elite and her stand concerning the Smolensk plane crash is taken into account in European legal and political milieus. It is not really about official interventions or a formal influence but about passing on the knowledge concerning what happened and what is happening to the investigation," said Antoni Macierewicz to the portal.
Antoni Macierewicz: 'the entire area is just a huge cemetery'
Inside the Tu-154 wreckage stored under tarpaulin covering at the Smolensk’s airport new victim’s belongings have been found – confirmed Military Prosecutor’s Office. Antoni Macierewicz – Chair to Parliamentary Committee investigating into the Smolensk crash announced recently that under the concrete surface there are likely to be remains of the victims. The Main Military Prosecutor’s Office confirms Gazeta Polska daily information about finding Smolensk’s crash’s personal belongings, however – as prosecutors accented – the findings have been discovered inside of the wreckage, but not at the crash scene. They were personal belongings of the victims, found during complementary wreckage inspection. At the same time in prosecutor’s office notifications, the victims’ families are being informed, that there are ‘belongings discovered upon conducting complementary wreckage inspection, and at the crash scene’.
14/02/2013 Antoni Macierewicz
The Fall of the “Armoured Birch” Myth
The Miller Report is Based on False Premises Copied from the Russians Last Friday, the prosecutor’s office informed a journalist from Rzeczpospolita that the “armoured birch” was hit by the TU-154M at an altitude of 770 cm. This was already the third version of this parameter that was crucial to the Smolensk tragedy; first the prosecutor’s office and the Miller report stated that it was an altitude of 5.2 m and last week, in a statement for Gazeta Wyborcza, Col. Rzepa, the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, stated that the collision took place at an altitude of 9 m and that – more importantly – the prosecutor’s office has pictures confirming this fact. 4 Versions and Each One of Them False It turned out, though, that this was not the end of the prosecution’s litany of humiliations. On February 11, 2013, an official press release was published, where we read:
Polish cabinet no longer believes in Miller Committee's report?
The spokesman for the cabinet, Pawel Gras, referring to the discrepancies between the data of the military prosecutor's office and those of Miller's Committee, concerning hitting the birch tree by the Tu-154 said that what had been the cause of the plane crash had not been hitting the birch tree but going below the minimum level by the Tu-154M. "What is visible is the helplessness of the cabinet and of the media, who deceive the public opinion as to the actual cause of this tragedy," says Antoni Macierewicz to the portal. "Now the cabinet needs to face up to the fact that the tree to which the tragedy has been ascribed could not have been the cause of the crash of this plane," says Macierewicz. When asked on the RMF FM radio if it matters to him if the plane hit with the wing at the altitude of 5 or 8 metres, Gras avoided answering the question.
Investigation into Jerzy Miller's supervision of Government Protection Bureau in connection with Smolensk plane crash has been prolonged
"The investigation into inappropriate supervision of the Government Protection Bureau during the Smolensk plane crash by the then Minister of Internal Affairs, Jerzy Miller, has been prolonged until 21st March. Witnesses are currently being interrogated," informs the "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" daily.
A letter to Maciej Lasek - Chair of the State Commission Investigating into Air Accidents
Relatives of the Smolensk’s crash’s victims, including Marta Kaczynska, malgorzata Wassermann, Ewa Kochanowska, Zuzanna Kurtyka, and Janusz Walentynowicz in official, but sincere letter, ask members of the State Commission Investigating into Air Accidents (PKBWL) for taking part in a debate with independent experts on 5 February at the Cardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw – as established niezalezna. pl portal. ‘It should be a warrant of conscience if cause of explaining the catastrophe is close to somebody’s heart’ – as they declare.     ‘Valuing highly you readiness to discuss with the Smolensk’s victims’ families, we would like to take advantage of your knowledge and be active observers of exchange of views amongst experts’ - wrote signatories to Maciej Lasek PhD, Chair of the State Commission Investigating into Air Accidents (PKBWL).
Maciej Lasek's weasel word concerning Smolensk debate
"By definition, we do not discuss with politicians," this is how Maciej Lasek, the Head of the State Committee Investigating Aviation Accidents (PKBWL), explains to the portal his avoiding a debate with scientists investigating the Smolensk air crash. "The debate is by definition aimed at exchanging views between scientists and politicians will not participate in it," responds Agata Popkowska, one of the organisers of the symposium. "This is a totally scientific debate, without politicians, where the latest findings are to be presented. The invitation to the debate is still valid for Mr Lasek," says Agata Popkowska. Despite these declarations, Maciej Lasek in his interview for the portal turns down the scientists' invitation, claiming that "the debate is suggested by the Parliamentary Committee whose members are politicians."
Eye-wintesses testimonials contradict establishments of the official investigation into the Smolensk's case
24 eye-witnesses of the Smolensk’s crash present different version of events than officially established by reports of Interstate Aviation Committee, and so named Polish ‘Jerzy Miller’s commission’, amongst them new eye-witnesses presented by a documentary ‘The anatomy of a fall’ by Anita Gargas. They point out that there was an explosion in Smolensk; they also abolish theories that the plane turned upside-down or hit a birch tree. Can testimonials of so many people be assumed confabulations? – asks ‘Gazeta Polska’ daily.
Lasek is afraid of Macierewicz's experts
Maciej Lasek, the head of the State Committee Investigating Aviation Accidents, expressed in an extremely arrogant way his refusal to accept Antoni Macierewicz's invitation to participate in a common debate concerning the Smolensk plane crash. Lasek announced that he would not take part in the debate and insulted many experts of the team regardless of their scientific qualifications. "Experts can have a debate with experts and not with politicians. We tried to act according to this rule both during the works in the committee investigating the crash of the TU-154M plane as well as while looking into many other accidents. MPs are experts in politics and I am an expert in investigating aviation accidents, I am no partner for them if we were to talk about politics and the other way round," said Maciej Lasek on the Polish Radio.
Antoni Macierewicz wants Smolensk investigation results to be available
Yesterday the head of the Parliamentary committee dealing with the Smolensk plane crash, Antoni Macierewicz (Law and Justice), submitted a motion with the Minister of Defence and the District Military Court in Poznan, asking for access to the results of investigation done by the Committee Investigating Aviation Accidents, concerning the TU-154M plane crash. In the justification of the motion Macierewicz stressed that at the current stage of the work of the committee access to the investigation results of the Committee Investigating Aviation Accidents of the State Aviation, concerning the Smolensk plane crash was indispensable. "Without familiarising itself with them the committee cannot finish its work, including a formulation of the final stand when it comes to the causes and circumstances of the air crash as well as formulating any suggestions of legal changes preventing similar tragedies," stressed the Law and Justice politician.
Macierewicz: It is necessary to hypothesise that it was an explosion which caused the Smolensk tragedy
The head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash has written an open letter to the Prosecutor General in which he calls him to replace the prosecutors supervising the Smolensk investigation and to hypothesise that it was an explosion which is the main thing to be investigated by the prosecutor's office. In his open letter Antoni Macierewicz also asked Andrzej Seremet to examine once again the evidence being at the disposal of the prosecutor's office and to verify the untrue information concerning the Smolensk investigation.
Antoni Macierewicz on National Security Council's announcements
Antoni Macierewicz MP reflected on some aspects of National Security Council meeting, held yesterday. Whilst interviewed by Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke, the Parliamentary Committee investigating into the Smolensk’s tragedy, pointed at the fact that the meeting had been classified and not opened to the public.    ‘What has been announced afterwards relates exclusively to alleged external influence on political debate on the Smolensk’s tragedy in Poland. Conclusions sound odd, not to say untrue, as it has been said there were no traces of any influence of external factors on the debate, as if publishing photos of Polish President’s body on the section table in Russian media were not deliberate attempt of making such impact.
What did Sikorski negotiate in connection with returning TU-154M wreckage by Russia?
During a meeting of the Committee of Polish-Russian Co-operation Radoslaw Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, suffered defeat. Sergey Lavrov said 32 months after the Smolensk plane crash that the Russians would do anything to return the TU-154M wreckage to Poland ... as soon as possible. One again, all we have are the Russians' claims. Last week Sikorski asked Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to raise officially during the summit with Russia the issue of returning the governmental wreckage of the TU-154M. Today, during the meeting of the Committee on Strategy of Polish-Russian Co-operation Radoslaw Sikorski talked with Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. What was the subject of the discussion was the issue of returning by Russia the wreckage of the TU-154M plane, which crashed on 10th April 2010 near Smolensk.
Antoni Macierewicz calls out for a debate on Smolensk's crash
Antoni Macierewicz, the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee investigating into the Smolensk’s crash, proposed to conclude a debate between his and government’s experts in the end of January at one of the Warsaw’s Universities. ‘It looks as if finding traces of explosives on the wreckage’s debris led us to a point when we must react; we have to reach another level of understanding’ – said Macierewicz at a press conference. That is why he addressed to the government side, and experts of the commission run by the then Minister of Internal Affairs, Jerzy Miller, to accept ‘open, honest, impartial, professional debate; the best if concluded at one of the Warsaw’s Universities’.
Macierewicz: "We are going to answer Washington's appeal"
"The Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk air crash is going to answer the appeal of the White House," says in an interview for the portal Antoni Macierewicz. The response will include the latest information from the prosecutor's office, which admitted that it had found traces of explosives on the TU-154 wreckage. As he says, this is grounds to appointing an international committee which will determine the causes of the air crash.
Yes, there were traces of explosives
‘Some of the devices used in Smolensk indicated in fact TNT traces’ said Colonel Jerzy Artymiak from the District Military Prosecutor’s Office at the Parliamentary Justice and Human Rights’ Commission’s hearing. ‘Could you repeat that, please?’ asked Antoni Macierewicz MP. ‘Yes, of course, the devices used indicated particles of TNT’ answered Artymiuk. Unfortunately, the following part of the prosecutor’s statement sounded to similar to the well known show performed shortly after the news about TNT traces had been published in the Rzeczpospolita daily. The MPs who attended the commission’s hearing could learn that ‘spectrometers react the same way to explosives and… shoe polish.
Antoni Macierewicz on the honesty of the prosecutor's office in connection with Smolensk air crash
I have a lot of doubt as to the honesty and good will of the prosecutor's office in connection with Smolensk. For instance, it refused to give the families the results of the recordings of the devices with which the wreckage in Smolensk was examined. Even though these data are immediately available, are not secret and delivering them was the duty of this institution. However, I hope that during Wednesday's conference, despite probable attempts to prevaricate and to obstruct the case by the prosecutor's office, the basic information which is going to be presented will be true. Just because the prosecutor's office knows very well that the Parliamentary comittee has its own evidence concerning this case. If untrue information was publicised, we will not hestitate to organise a confrontation. Let us also remember that the bevaviour of the prosecutor's office shown so far made it possible for the Russians to falsify the samples from the wreckage.
The Parliament lifted the immunity of Antoni Macierewicz
In today’s voting the Parliament lifted the Parliamentary immunity of a Law and Justice MP, Antoni Macierewicz. 234 of the MPs supported the motion, 174 were against it, 28 abstained. The motion has been discussed as a consequence of a criminal trial brought against Macierewicz by a lobbyist Marek Dochnal. Dochnal accuses Macierewicz of slander allegedly perpetrated by the MP in one of the TV programmes. Antoni Macierewicz did not comment on today’s voting results. ‘What can be commented here? During the break sufficient number of MPs had been summoned to have the result as it was planned; that’s it. Two days ago in Parliament Antoni Macierewicz stated that: ‘I accept acknowledging that this decision is going to be made within a framework of certain political alliance, and determination to prove at any cost that the public affairs are, and will be, measured by standards as represented by Marek Dochnal’.
Macierewicz: "Szelag has misinformed"
Antoni Macierewicz has accused the District Military Prosecutor, colonel Ireneusz Szelag, of misinforming the public opinion in connection with the information about the results of the research done by a team of experts in Smolensk. During a press conference the head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash drew attention to blatant inaccuracies in colonel Szelag's words. First, he said that during the examination in Smolensk only one kind of device detecting contaminations or explosives had been used. It turned out that the experts had used 3 types of devices. The District Military Prosecutor also said that the devices which had been used gave only "screening" results, presenting preliminary data. However, it turns out that the used devices precisely detect and identify the presence of explosives.
Macierewicz: "It is a shocking news"
"We have an impression as if  the noose was getting tighter and tighter in connection with all the people who can say what actually happened in Smolensk," says to the portal Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the head of the Sejm committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash. The spokesman for the Warsaw police has confirmed that warrant officer Remigiusz Mus is dead.
Antoni Macierewicz: "You have rebuilt a significant part of the Polish state"
"We have become accustomed to having a feeling of complete loneliness when it comes to the Smolensk tragedy. To having a feeling which is often formulated in such a dramatic way in which it is said that "the Polish state has left us, the Polish state has let us down." I want to say to you, but also to all of you, that it is not like that," said Antoni Macierewicz, the head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash to the scientists at the end of the Smolensk conference. "The Polish state has been acting in connection with this issue from the very beginning. The Polish state also includes MPs, the Polish state also includes yourselves and the Polish state also includes the Parliamentary committee," said the Law and Justice MP.
Publicising shocking photos made Radoslaw Sikorski to do the work he is paid for
These are Russians who are responsible for leakage of the drastic photos from Smolensk. Polish government, who knew about it since the end of September, hadn’t reacted until things went in the air, and the photos were widely published. That made Radoslaw Sikorski calling the Russian Ambassador to Poland to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The photos come from the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) archive, what can be proved by comparison of characteristic description, resolution, and the fact that only IAC and Russian Federation Investigation Committee officers had the access to the mortuary.
Macierewicz: "We have sent these photos to experts"
"The Parliamentary committee received these photos a few days ago," says to the portal Antoni Macierewicz, who reveals that they were given to foreign experts in forensic medicine. "In order to assess them and to formulate conclusions concerning the causes and the course of the air crash." "The game which the Russians are playing with the use of these photos is barbarian. And it is only possible due to the negligence of the cabinet," says to the portal Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the leader of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash. An alleged Russian blogger published on the Internet drastic photos of the Smolensk air crash victims. They were said to have been taken at the venue of the tragedy as well as during the autopsy. The shocking photos show, among others, the body of the late Polish President, Lech Kaczynski.
Antoni Macierewicz: it is just outrageous
Antoni Macierewicz learned from portal journalists that the Warsaw’s Prosecutor’s Office had called off the investigation into non-fulfillment duties and attesting an untruth by the Governmental Commission under Jerzy Miller. “It is outrageous” – commented Macierewicz. Macierewicz is already in Pila, where he is holding a meeting with its residents. “I have already been talking to my listeners that the Prosecutor’s Office should not be condemned as a whole; that there are decent prosecutors… You see yourself how much I was wrong.... That is my full comment” – said Macierewicz. As established portal – the prosecutors called off the investigation not examining anyone of the Macierewicz’s comittee experts, as well as himself.
The investigation into Miller's Comission case had been called off in September
Warsaw’s Prosecutor’s Office has called off investigation into neglecting duties and attesting an untruth by the members of so called Miller’s Commission investigating into the Smolensk’s crash. It means that the commission members, responsible for manipulating the report remain unpunished. The investigation started on 21 August 2012 after a notification on suspicion of committing an offence filed by the Parliamentary Committee Chairman Antoni Macierewicz. But in September the investigation had been called off, and today the Prosecutor’s Office announced its decision. “Prosecutors examined committee members who explained detailed questions contained in the notification, and basing on such grounds the investigation had been called off” – explained Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office Spokeswoman, Renata Mazur. The basis for the decision was lack of evidence of committing an offence.
Macierewicz: An inept attempt at defending Ewa Kopacz
"If Jacek Protasiewicz's words turned out to be true, the accusations made in connection with Donald Tusk giving the investigation to the Russians would be much stronger," said Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP, to the portal. However, he thinks that it is more all about an inept attempt at defending Ewa Kopacz against responsibility for the lies told by the former Minister of Health. In the Radio Zet morning programme called "Siódmy dzień tygodnia" ("Seventh day of the week") Jacek Protasiewicz, a Civic Platform MEP, went so far in his justification of Ewa Kopacz's behaviour that he said that after the Smolensk air crash no representative of the cabinet had gone to Moscow.
Parliamentary Committee on Smolensk's victims exhumations
Today (Thursday 20/09) in Column Hall in Parliament a sitting of Parliamentary Committee Investigating into Smolensk crash will be held. The sitting will be wholly devoted to Smolensk’s victims’ exhumations. The victims’ families are to take part. The sitting will be public and open to the media.
Smolensk: Tusk rejected Sarkozy's help
"The Parliamentary Committee is at a disposal of information showing that Donald Tusk also rejected help offered by the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy," says the report entitled "28 months after Smolensk," prepared by Antoni Macierewicz's Sejm committee. The context shows that it is connected with the help in investigating the Smolensk air crash. The authors of the report remind that Donald Tusk also rejected the help of prominent Polish forensic medicine experts (which was revealed by Leszek Misiak and Grzegorz Wierzcholowski in a special issue of the "Nowe Panstwo" monthly) and that he rejected the idea to appoint an international committee which would look into the Smolensk air crash. When did President Sarkozy offer help to the Polish cabinet and what was it connected with? For the time being, Antoni Macierewicz refuses to give the details of this information.
Smolensk air crash was planned
Antoni Macierewicz has presented conclusions concerning the causes of the Smolensk air crash. According to what the Parliamentary committee has established, the pilots were not going to land and 2 explosions in the air were the cause of the air crash. During today's session of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash, Antoni Macierewicz assured that the members of the committee were more or less in the middle of their work.
The Prosecutor's Office will enquire into Antoni Macierewicz notification
The District Prosecutor’s Office Warszawa – Praga will assess Antoni Macierewicz motion to investigate into offences allegedly committed by the Prime Minister, and Minsiters of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Defence. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be a breakthrough. “This a routine procedure” – told Antoni Macierewicz. A notification about an offence committed was delivered to the General Prosecutor’s Office in July. The case will be investigated into by the Warszawa – Praga District Prosecutor’s Office revealed today Prosecutor Mateusz Martyniuk to the Polish Press Agency. The Prosecutor’s Office which receives a notification undertakes enquiries, which must end up within a month with a decision whether an investigation should start or not.
Further exhumations necessary. There were no Polish specialists present at the post-mortem examinations in Moscow.
Human remains in Anna Walentynowicz’s grave were found inside the Tu-154 wreckage’s hull at the place where in opinion of Antoni Macierewicz’s experts an explosive device blew up. Legendary “Solidarity” activist’s family demand exhumation. Its results may be decisive for the Smolensk’s crash investigation. An exhumation of the body found in section eight of the torn up wreckage may became crucial to answering how did the tragedy happen. If there was an explosion on board, the epicentre of the blast should be right in the section eight.
Three people survived the Smolensk crash. No one did rescue them.
Three people were showing signs of life, i.e.: survived the crash – as it can be concluded from testimonies given by Tomasz Turowski, revealed by the Gazeta Polska daily. Could anyone be saved? Rescuers reached the crash scene after dozens of minutes despite visit of such range should be accompanied by ambulances waiting at the airport. An ambulance should be provided when the aircraft touched the ground at the latest, awaiting by the landing strip – explains Colonel Grudzinaki, former Government Protection Bureau Chief. But there were no ambulances and it still remains unknown when they actually came. The Russian controllers testified that it was after dozen or so minutes while the Polish report states it was several dozen minutes after the crash.
Antoni Macierewicz on calling off the main part of Smolensk's investigation
"The Prosecutor’s Office decision to call off the investigation into the Smolensk’s crash in its main part is surprising considering evidence collected by the Parliamentary Committee. It is clear that the Minister of Foreign Affairs had full knowledge that the Smolensk’s airport would not be secured, and had done nothing with that knowledge. The range and gravity of neglect is sufficient to continue the investigation. The same applies to Bogdan Klich, Tomasz Arabski, or Donald Tusk. The most scandalous decision is to refuse the victim’s families a wronged status. All of it creates a situation where the Prosecutor’s Office decisions cannot be appealed, and the Prosecutor’s Office supervises its own works. If it came out that no one is responsible for sending the President to death, it would be the worst assessment made on Polish judiciary system."
Macierewicz: Tusk hindered Smolensk investigation on purpose
"The air crash was caused by the pilots who went down to the altitude below 100 metres in a fog. All that needs to be established is who had made them do so." This is a text message that Prime Minister Donald Tusk as well as Ministers Pawel Gras and Tomasz Arabski probably sent to Civic Platform politicians on 10th April 2010. Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP, believes that they committed a crime and is notifying the prosecutor's office. On 9th April 2011 general Slawomir Petelicki revealed in an interview for the "Wprost" weekly and the portal that soon after the Smolensk air crash key Civic Platform politicians received text messages with instructions what they should say about the Smolensk tragedy. After a few hours the interview was deleted from the portal and it was never published in the printed version. General Petelicki was found dead on 16th June 2012 in a garage of the block of flats he lived in.
Explosion inside the TU-154 plane - the key evidence
"Only an explosion could have caused tearing out dozens of clinches connecting the construction of the wing of the governmental TU-154 plane," stresses Waclaw Berczynski PhD, an engineer, expert and constructor working for the Boeing company. According to Antoni Macierewicz, this is a groundbreaking establishment for investigating the causes of the air crash. Waclaw Berczynski PhD, an engineer living in the USA, draws attention to dozens of clinches connecting the construction of the wing, which got torn out of the sheet metal. Each of the clinches carried minimum 150 kg of weight. In the pictures taken just after the air crash, which he analysed, we can clearly see a few dozen empty holes after the torn clinches.
Another futile attempt to lift parliamentary immunity from Antoni Macierewicz
Warsaw’s prosecutors keep on wading into make another attempt to find any section of the law, the Law and Justice member Antoni Macierewicz could be charged under. All motions filled to lift parliamentary immunity from Macierewicz have been so futile so far that the Prosecutor General, Andrzej Seremet, refused to accept them.   Seremet returned a motion to lift parliamentary immunity from Antoni Macierewicz back to the Prosecutor’s Office for the second time, and refused to forward the motion to the Parliament – as Prosecutor’s Office of Appeals wanted. In January 2012 Seremet decided to return the first motion to lift parliamentary immunity from Macierewicz on basis that it was formally and factually flawed. In the end of March the Prosecutor’s Office repeated its motion adding that Macierewicz should be taken responsible for aiding in revealing secret information.
Prosecutor's office will look into Jerzy Miller's case!
The prosecutor's office will look into whether the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jerzy Miller, fulfilled his duties before and during the Smolensk air crash. "Last week the issue concerning Minister Miller's supervision over the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) was excluded from the investigation concerning the organisation of the President's flight to Smolensk in 2010. It will be looked into in a separate investigation," says to the portal prosecutor Renata Mazur, the spokesperson for the Warszawa-Praga District Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutor Renata Mazur said that after Antoni Macierewicz had submitted a notification concerning this issue, it was looked into as a part of the investigation connected with the organisation of the flights to Smolensk. Now this investigation is coming to an end so the issue of supervision over the BOR has been excluded.
Boeing engineer: Everything shows that it was an explosion
Prof. Pawel Artymowicz, known for criticising in the media the findings of research done by experts form the so-called Macierewicz's committee, at the very last moment decided not to accept the invitation to the Sejm and not to take part in a discussion with Prof. Binienda. At the same time, another scientist of Polish descent, a Boeing engineer, has undermined the official version of the air crash. 2 hours before the session of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash, Prof. Artymowicz said that he would not go  to the Sejm. The reason was a sudden summoning by the military prosecutor's office. It was impossible to find out what the cause of the summoning and the role of Prof. Artymowicz were. During the session there was a scientific discussion anyway, and this was so thanks to a new expert, who decided to help the MPs to establish the causes of the Smolensk air crash.