Record ratings of the "Anatomy of a Fall" film on Polish public television
As the portal has established, more viewers watched the "Anatomy of the Fall" film than the National Geographic "Death of the President" film, broadcast earlier during the prime time. The "Anatomy of the Fall" film was watched by 22.2% of the viewers while the "Death of the President" film was watched by 17.6%. These figures show how many of all those watching TV during a given period of time watched a particular programme. It turns out that Anita Gargas's film was watched by 3 million 139 thousand viewers while the "Death of the President" (broadcast earlier, at a much more convenient time) film made by the National Geographic was watched by 2 million 949 thousand people.  
Smolensk plane crash is still a mystery
According to the survey conducted by the TNS for the "Wiadomosci" ("The News") programme broadcast by the TVP 1 station, 3 years after the tragic events in Smolensk more than a half of the Poles (52%) still do not know the answer to the most important questions concerning the Smolensk plane crash.   In this survey, when answering the question if we already know the causes of the Smolensk plane crash, 52% of the respondents expressed an opinion that the most important questions have still remained unanswered.   34% of the respondents believe that the most important issues have already been established. The remaining 14% of the Poles did not express any opinion about it.
Macierewicz: "We have evidence that there was an explosion in the air"
"We know for sure that this plane exploded in the air, that there was an explosion in the air which led to the destruction of the plane," says Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash in an interview for Dorota Kania. He stresses that in the report which is to be announced tomorrow, i.e. on the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash, there is evidence confirming the explosion.  
Macierewicz takes Michnik to court
Antoni Macierewicz, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash, is filing a lawsuit against Adam Michnik, the editor-in-chief of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily. This is so due to the information provided by the newspaper that experts of the Parliamentary committee investigating the Smolensk plane crash used the money from the Chancellery of the Sejm. "This is a lie of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily," said Antoni Macierewicz at a press conference. "I am going to send a lawsuit to Adam Michnik and to ask him to come to court. I stress that none of the experts of the committee was financed by the Chancellery of the Sejm," added Macierewicz. The Head of the Parliamentary committee also reminded that Adam Michnik had already lost two such lawsuits.
Smolensk monument in the Temple of Divine Providence is to be blessed tomorrow
Tomorrow in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw there will be a blessing of the first plaque of the monument which in the future is to be placed in Smolensk.             The celebration in the Temple of Divine Providence on the 3rd anniversary of the plane crash near Smolensk will begin with placing flowers near the plaque showing the place of the burial of President Ryszard Kaczorowski and other people, including clergymen, who are buried there.   Then, in the underground part of the temple there will be a Holy Mass said by the Warsaw archbishop, cardinal Kazimierz Nycz. Olgierd Lukaszewicz, an actor and the Head of the Polish Actors' Association, will read out the names of all the people who were killed in the Smolensk plane crash. During the celebration in the Temple of Divine Providence also the widow of President Ryszard Kaczorowski will make a speech.
Polish mainstream daily lobbies for Lasek and admonishes the cabinet
The "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily is worried that despite Donald Tusk's declarations, Maciej Lasek's team has still not begun its work. It is unknown what he would be supposed to do but the "GW" journalists demand its appointment. And the Prime Minister's spokesman makes excuses.   Maciej Lasek, the current Head of the State Committee Investigating Aviation Accidents, and beforehand - a member of Jerzy Miller's governmental committee, which in its report repeated, among other things, the lies about the Smolensk plane crash, this time is to be in charge of another team looking into the circumstances of the tragedy of 10th April 2010.  
Scientists once again call Tusk's experts to have a discussion with them
As the portal has found out, experts of the Parliamentary committee determining the causes of the Smolensk plane crash, led by Antoni Macierewicz, have once again suggested a meeting with Donald Tusk's experts. Prof. Grzegorz Szuladzinski, Prof. Wieslaw Binienda, Prof. Kazimierz Nowaczyk and engineer Waclaw Berczynski PhD are going to send Prime Minister Donald Tusk a letter suggesting a meeting with governmental experts. As the portal has found out, in their letter to the Prime Minister the experts want to draw attention to the fact that the findings of their research do not result from guessing but from a reliable analysis of, among other things, findings from the on-board devices. The scientists want to meet Tusk's experts in order to talk about the causes of the Tu-154M governmental plane.  
Tu-154M was reconditioned the way Moscow wanted
The analysis, published in the latest report prepared by Antoni Macierewicz's committee, brings sensational news as to the course of the tender to recondition the Tu-154 plane with side number 101, which crashed on 10th April 2010 near Smolensk. The Russian authorities did their best to make the Polish Tu-154 planes get into the hands of Vladimir Putin's trusted people, i.e. the Aviakor company in Saramara, being a part of the Russian Machines holding, which in turn is a part of the concern belonging to Oleg Deripaska, one of the richest Russians. As reveals the report issued by Antoni Maciereiwcz's committee, Moscow did not give its consent to other Russian companies to take part in the tender. Most of all - to the current company doing all the reconditionings of the Polish governmental TU-154 planes - the WARZ-400 Vnukovo company in Moscow.
Where will Polish politicians be on 10th April?
How are Polish MPs going to spend the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk Tragedy? "Like many of our compatriots, I will be in Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street in front of the Presidential Palace where there used to be the cross. I will be in the Military Powazki (Cemetery) where victims of the great national tragedy are buried," said to the Gazeta Polska VOD television Przemyslaw Wipler, a Law and Justice MP. Also Democratic Left Alliance politicians are going to celebrate the anniversary of the tragedy in their own way. "This day is difficult for all of us. We remember our friends. Certainly, we will meet our friends near one of the graves in order to pay tribute to Jurek and Ola," explains Grzegorz Napieralski. "We are going to spend the 10th April pensively," promise Waldy Dzikowski and Jerzy Fedorowicz, Civic Platform politicians.
Ewa Kopacz on 10th April celebration
On the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash in the Sejm chapel a Holy Mass will be said. MPs will put flowers in front of the plaques commemorating the MPs who died on 10th April 2010. A representative of the Sejm presidium will participate in the celebration in Smolensk. Such plans were presented to the journalists by the Speaker of the Sejm, Ewa Kopacz. She informed that the Sejm celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash is to start on 10th April at 7:15 a.m. with a Holy Mass said in the Sejm chapel. Then the MPs are to put flowers in front of 2 plaques. One of them commemorates 18 MPs - victims of the Smolensk plane crash, and the other one - the former Speaker of the Sejm, Maciej Plazynski, who also died in Smolensk.
Kapuscinski: We need to establish what happened in Smolensk
"More and more people realise that in Smolensk there could have been an assassination attempt. Also the number of those who want to come to Warsaw for the anniversary of the plane crash proves it," says Ryszard Kapuscinski, the Head of the "Gazeta Polska" Clubs in an interview for Samuel Pereira. On 10th April we are going to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash. Has anything changed when it comes to establishing it since the previous anniversary?
Miller's Committee expert opposes broadcasting films about Smolensk plane crash
On Monday 8th April at 9:30 p.m. the TVP 1 station is going to broadcast Anita Gargas's film entitled "Anatomy of a Fall." Yesterday the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily attacked with the words of one of the people appearing in the film, Prof. Marek Zylicz, the documentary challenging the official reports. "The accusations of a manipulation are groundless," says Prof. Jacek Ronda, who can also be seen in the film.
Canada 1940 Katyn – 2010 Smolensk Memorial Day
April 13, 2103 at 1:00 pm, the Parliament Hill
On 10th April (3rd anniversary of Smolensk plane crash) Prime Minister Tusk will be in ... Nigeria
During a press conference Prime Minister Donald Tusk informed that during the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash he would be in ... Nigeria. "Unfortunately, our hosts arranged such an unfortunate date after months of talks," explained Donald Tusk. "On that day I am going to visit Nigeria. In the morning I am going to put flowers near the pedestal devoted to all the victims in Powazki," said the Prime Minister during a press conference in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. As he said, a governmental delegation is going to Smolensk. Representatives of the cabinet in Moscow will include the Ministers of Defence and of Internal Affairs as well as the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Jacek Cichocki. In the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw a fragment of a monument will be unveiled and Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture, will be representing the cabinet.  
Waclaw Berczynski PhD: Strong internal force made the Tu-154M disintegrate in the air
"The plane must have disintegrated in the air. A strong internal force made the plane fall into 3 basic pieces and then - into thousands of smaller pieces," says in an interview for the TV Niezalezna Polonia Waclaw Berczynski PhD, a constructor of the Boeing Military and Space Department and a long-standing employee of other aviation concerns. TV Niezalezna Polonia journalists visited Waclaw Berczynski PhD in Baltimore in the USA.
29/03/2013 Grzegorz Wierzcholowski, Leszek Misiak
High-rank officer discloses - They were doomed for the Tupolev
As it has been established by  Gazeta Polska  the preparations prior to the visit of the presidential delegation to Katyn were rife with coincidences as a result of which on 10 April 2010 at 7.30 a.m. there was no other alternative but to travel by Tupolev plane no. 101. What's more, the option to take all the generals on board of the Jak-40 plane was no longer available.      In an interview with Gazeta Polska a former officer of 36 Special Regiment stresses that in the morning of 10 April 2010 Lech Kaczynski and the accompanying delegation, which included the generals, had only two options  - fly on Tu-154M no.101 or not to fly at all.   
Jaroslaw Kaczynski will attend Donald Tusk's - a witness - examination
‘I cannot exclude my presence at some of the examinations. Some of the witnesses I would like to hear in person’ – said Jaroslaw Kaczynski while interviewed by Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke, in regard to a court’s decision to resume called off earlier investigation into organising flights to Smolensk on 7 and 10 April 2010.   As the Law and Justice Chairman noticed – ‘the court decision restored believe that there are just judges at courts’. ‘In some simplified way the court confirmed there was an offence against the law. A chance that charges may be brought against these guilty is bigger than it previously was’ – said Kaczynski.  
Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke on a struggle that is not over yet
Donald Tusk diplomacy Chief announced that recovering Tu-154 wreckage which crashed nerby Smolensk’s airport on 10 April 2010 is in fact an issue of rather sentimental nature. Unrelated to the investigation; to the cause of establishing the truth about the tragedy, but of memorial character; let these couple torn apart sheets of metal (Anita Gargas film shows that soon ‘a couple’ may become the most accurate and literally description) be transported back to Poland; the Minister of Defence will prepare a hangar nearby Minsk Mazowiecki opening a commemoration hall.
Not allowed to know
We will not be let known what Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin had been disputing after the Smolensk’s crash. Talks held on those days became later on classified by the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. Today the Supreme Administrative Court ruled out the notes had been classified legally. The case started after a lawyer, Piotr Grodecki, enquired at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery to make the notes available to the public. He sued at courts subsequent refusals to declassify related content. He’d learned from judiciary system that despite the talks were of ‘courteous character’, ‘declassifying them might have had damaging impact on foreign affairs, and not only in mutual relations between Poland and the Russian Federation, and it would have ‘made difficult to conduct running foreign policy’.     
Supreme Administrative Court is to decide whether Tusk-Putin 'courteous talks' are to be declassified
Today the Supreme Administrative Court is to decide whether the Prime Minister Chancellery had a legal base to classify records of talks held between Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin in 2010. An advocate, Andrzej Lew-Mirski, believes that uncontrolled classifying official documents may lead to attempts of manipulation. Gazeta Polska daily has been repeatedly alerting about the case which has a chance to reach its fair end today. It goes about classifying notes from talks between Donald Tusk and the then Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. Gentlemen contacted on several occasions in 2010 – before and after 10 April 2010. The talks were not recorded, but of most of them – following procedures – the Chancellery drawn up. Their content became later on almost top secret. Today, at 9.30 a.m., the Supreme Administrative Court is to decide about cessation of verdicts in this case.
25/03/2013 Tomasz "Seawolf" Mierzwinski
The difference
Foreign Affairs Minister Sikorski sometimes behaves in the way provoking doubts about which side he actually works for. The stupid and arrogant saying that there is no really need to get back any of the parts of the wrecked Presidential Tupolev, because Antoni Macierewicz immediately would find atomic bomb on there, and so, basically the Russians are absolutely right being reluctant to send it back, was absolutely devastating and denying all our efforts. In fact Sikorski denied his own policy, because not so far ago he was the one to ask Baroness Ashton for help with demanding the wreckage from the Russians. At that time it was PM Tusk who made fun out of it, now it is Sikorski. Now it is enough that the Russians remind about their remark. If you have such ministers, you don’t need enemies. You can use some sarcasm, you can be serious, up to you. Depends on whether you treat the partner more or less seriously. I am afraid this time it will be rather sarcastic.
Third Anniversary of 10 April 2010 soon
We are receiving loads of information about preparations to the third anniversary of 10 April 2010. Dozens of social organizations, including ‘Gazeta Polska’ clubs, trade union members, and thousands regular citizens are preparing mass protests. The good news is there will be first ever TV Republika transmission on the internet on that day. You will be able to watch protests on VOD Gazeta Polska portal, TV Republika portal, and many others. We will start yet on 9 April at 9 pm in front of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. On 10 April there will be main commemorations conducted in Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Warsaw.   
A protest in the Parliament against nominating Tomasz Arabski Ambassador to Spain
Members of Gazeta Polska club demonstrated in Polish Parliament with a banner stating: ‘Arabski! Whether in Madrid or in London, you will not escape the punishment!’. As reported protest’s participants, the security guard reacted brutally, moving protesters forcibly off the building. Tomasz Arabski, the former Chief of Donald Tusk’s Chancellery, came to the Parliament to attend a hearing of Parliamentary International Affairs Commission, which gathered to discuss Arabski’s candidacy for the Ambassador to Spain position.
A black mark on Tomasz Arabski political career
Court’s decision to resume the investigation into state officials’ actions on 10 April 2010 leaves a black mark on Tomasz Arabski’s (pictured) political career, who is to become an Ambassador to Spain. A couple of hours before Parliamentary Foreign Affairs hearing on Arabski’s candidacy, the District Court in Warsaw – Praga commissioned the prosecutor’s office to reopen a called off  investigation into alleged infringements and neglects committed by the state officials on and before 10 April 2010. ‘The court took into account not only our objections taken on formal grounds, but most of all the factual ones, deciding that evidence materials collected by the Warsaw – Praga District Prosecutor’s Office should have led not to calling off the investigation, but producing an indictment’ – commented Piotr Pszczolkowski, a lawyer representing Jaroslaw Kaczynski.
Antoni Macierewicz comments on court's decision to resume the investigation into state officials actions on 10 April 2010
Antoni Macierewicz MP, while talking to portal, admitted that court’s decision to resume an investigation into alleged infringements and neglects committed on occasion of preparing state visits to Smolensk on 7 and 10 April 2010 has – in his opinion – crucial character for the entire investigation, and gives a chance to bring to trial all of these responsible.
An investigation into state officials infringements resumed
Warsaw’s District Courts ruled out to resume a called out investigation into irregularities accompanying organising state delegations’ flights to Smolensk on 7 and 10 April 2010, after relatives of the late president, Lech Kaczynski, had lodged a complaint against prosecutor’s decision.   The investigation had been previously called off after the prosecutors’ decided that state officials’ actions were not of a ‘criminal character’, claiming that neglecting duties must also be accompanied by endangering common good or state institutions’ interests    The Warsaw – Praga District Prosecutor’s Office investigated into defaulting duties and infringements allegedly committed by officials and functionaries of President and Prime Minister’s Chancelleries, as well as the officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and Polish Embassy in Moscow diplomats, in connection with organising visits to Smolensk on 7 and 10 April 2010.  
Would Yak-40 Voice Cockpit Recordings be adjusted to the Russian version?
As believe Gazeta Polska’s experts, key evidence in Polish investigation into the Smolensk crash may soon be squander. It is all about the Voice Cockpit Recordings (VCR) originating from Yak-40, which landed before Tu-154, carrying Polish official delegation to Smolensk on board. The recordings show without a shade of doubt that the Russians had manipulated transcripts of Tu-154 VCRs documenting crew’s communication with air-traffic control tower in Smolensk, to conceal the fact that the Russian flight controllers commanded the Tu-154 pilots to descend lower than minimal altitude of the landing approach; the prosecutor’s office is hiding that key evidence for over three years now.
"Brotherly" co-operation between Poland and Russia with regard to Smolensk plane crash
The Polish Prosecutor General, Andrzej Seremet, has agreed to create a Polish-Russian team which will be dealing with, among other things, the Smolensk plane crash. The suggestion was put forward by the Head of the Russian prosecutor's office, Yuri Chayka. "This is absolutely a scandal and acting under the Russian dictation," say lawyers. "For 3 years we have heard that there was no possibility to create a common group. What has happened now so that such a team will be created?" asks attorney Piotr Pszczolkowski, Jaroslaw Kaczynski's plenipotentiary.
Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tu-154M wreckage is not an important piece of evidence
"I would not judge the effectiveness of our policy towards Russia in terms of the issue of the wreckage, which is to us a very important remembrance but not a very important piece of evidence in this case," said the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, in an interview for the Polish Press Agency. "For it is not that if some cabinet does something against us, it is Poland's fault. By the way, I would not judge the effectiveness of our policy towards Russia in terms of the issue of the wreckage, which is to us a very important remembrance but not a very important piece of evidence in this case. Our prosecutor's office will finish the investigation regardless of whether the wreckage will be returned to us or not," commented Radoslaw Sikorski on returning Tu-154M wreckage to Poland.
Tusk's promises concerning Tu-154M wreckage
Prime Minister Donald Tusk promises that during the EU summit concerning Russia he will raise, among other things, the issue of the Smolensk investigation and the Tu-154M wreckage. However, he added immediately that he could not do too much. And this has been obvious for a long time. "During an overview of the Russian issues I will obviously be talking also about this specific Polish problem such as the issue of the Smolensk investigation and the way Russia behaves, which is unacceptable especially when it comes to the constantly postponed issue of the plane's wreckage," said the Prime Minister to journalists. However, he added that he had no expectations that the EU would do something about this issue. "We are aware that the European opinion concerning this issue will not be of key importance," stressed the Prime Minister.
On 10th April 2013 partial report of Macierewicz's Committee will be released
"On 10th April the Parliamentary Committee is going to present a partial report devoted to the course of the Smolensk plane crash, taking into account new findings concerning preparations for the flight and legal issues," announced Antoni Macierewicz, the Head of the Committee and a Law and Justice MP. "The material (...) will not only concern the very plane crash but in all the parts of the report which we are preparing now: both preparations in the aspect of safety, in particular - the course of the events as well as legal issues which were decisive as to giving the whole investigation to the Russians. This partial material which is going to be presented will include new aspects in these issues," said Macierewicz.
"Miller's Committee is illegal"
"Miller's Committee is illegal," says to the portal attorney Piotr Pszczolkowski, Jaroslaw Kaczynski's plenipotentiary in the Smolensk investigation. He submitted with the Minister of Defence a motion to annul the decision to appoint the Committee which has released Miller's report. On 10th April 2010 the only basis to appoint such a committee could be a decision from 2004, which was an executive act according to the current version of the aviation law. According to Paragraph 6 of this decision, as a rule, a committee investigating state aviation accidents deals with only those cases which happen only in the territory of Poland," says attorney Pszczolkowski.
Seremet humiliated himself in front of Russians and he did not change anything
Polish prosecutor General, Andrzej Seremet, did not change anything in Russia's stand concerning returning the flight recorders and the Polish Tu-154M wreckage. Despite the fact that after a possible returning of the wreckage and the flight recorders he promised to give it to Russia "upon any request." "The stand of the Russian side is well-known. We did not manage to change anything," said Seremet to Polish journalists after a meeting with the Head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin.
Drastic photos of Smolensk plane crash victims are still on the Internet
"The prosecutor's office has received from Russia the answer to a motion for legal help concerning the investigation into publishing on the Internet the photos of the Smolensk plane crash victims," reports the "Nasz Dziennik" daily. The drastic photos, published by the blogger nicknamed Gorojanin, are still available on the Internet. They are on French servers. "The Russian side has answered our motion, sent in November 2012," admits prosecutor Renata Mazur, the spokesperson for the Warszawa-Praga prosecutor's office. For the time being investigators do not inform if the Russians have fully satisfied the Polish expectations. "It is about determining the domains, IP numbers and removing the contents from the servers, if it is not against the law of a given state, and securing these contents as evidence," said prosecutor Mazur in November.
Polish cabinet once again rejects foreign help with regard to Smolensk plane crash
According to a letter signed by Radoslaw Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has voluntarily rejected an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) intervention in connection with the Smolensk plane crash. The letter, received by the Chancellery of the Sejm in December 2012, is an answer to an interpellation submitted by Marek Opioła, a Law and Justice MP and the Head of the Sejm Committee for intelligence services. "I think that the stand of the cabinet should be presented to the public opinion. The answer I received is a scandal. The stand of the cabinet, which did not want to correct the lies contained in the MAK report is incomprehensible," says Marek Opiola to the "Gazeta Polska Codziennie" daily.
Polish Minister of ... Culture will be dealing with Smolensk during 3rd anniversary of plane crash
Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that who would be responsible for the governmental activity during the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash "also when it comes to the selection the delegation to Smolensk" would be ... Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Polish Minister of Culture. The issues of returning the wreckage, difficult talks with Russia (which, as we can infer from the Prime Minister's decision, will not take part during the anniversary as well as commemorating the death of the President of the Republic of Poland and of the most important generals are, according to Tusk, issues which should be dealt with by the Minister of Culture. During yesterday's press conference, organised after a session of the cabinet, Tusk said that "the anniversaries of the Smolensk plane crash have been for certain milieus from the very beginning a pretext for manifestations of a solely political nature." As he added, "the cabinet is not going to participate in such events."
Smolensk epitaph to be unveiled soon in Torun
In April in Torun the epitaph dedicated to the victims of the Smolensk plane crash victims will be unveiled. Reliefs presenting President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria will be a part of this epitaph. "At the 3rd anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash, in Torun there will be an epitaph commemorating President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and everyone who was killed with them on their way to Katyn on 10th April 2010. This great tragedy took place 3 years ago a day before the Divine Mercy Sunday, therefore the very epitaph and place as well as the circumstances of its blessing will have an extraordinary dimension," wrote Zbigniew Girzynski, a Law and Justice MP, on his profile on Facebook.
Sham activities of the Polish prosecutor's office in connection with Smolensk plane crash
After the military prosecutors have announced that they are going to analyse the genetic material of 22 of the Smolensk plane crash victims, looking for traces of alcohol, the families, their plenipotentiaries as well as experts in criminal law are truly shocked and outraged with what the investigators are doing. All of them say that it is a lack of respect for the deceased and sham activity of the prosecutor's office. The Military Prosecutor's Office will need to justify its procedural decisions during an extraordinary and urgent session of the Sejm Justice Committee. Its date is not known yet. This concerns, among other things, the motion submitted by lieutenant colonel Jaroslaw Sej to examine the samples, taken by the Russians, of the genetic material of 22 of the victims in order to establish the presence of alcohol in their blood.
ICAO advisor: low ethical level of Miller's Committee members
Yesterday there was a session of the Parliamentary Committee Investigating the Causes of the Tu-154M plane crash. The session was attended by engineer Waclaw Berczynski PhD, the main Boeing engineer and a NASA and Pentagon advisor as well as by engineer Bogdan Gajewski PhD, a ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) advisor as well as the Victims' Families. Also Maria Dluzewska, a co-author of the "Fog" and "Contempt" film, participated in the session. Engineer Bogdan Gajewski PhD gave a presentation showing various plane crashes in which planes crashed into the ground while being turned upside down and they were damaged to a lesser extent than it was in the case of the Tu-154M plane in Smolensk. Engineer Grajewski PhD also showed examples of planes which did not lose their balance after having lost a bigger part of the wing than it was in the case of the Tu-154M Presidential plane.
Macierewicz wants an extraordinary session of Committee of Justice and Human Rights in connection with Smolensk plane crash
Antoni Macierewicz, the leader of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk plane crash, has submitted a motion to organise soon a session of the Committee of Justice and Human Rights in connection with the recent information concerning the Smolensk investigation. This is about revealing the personal data of the pilots, of members of the crew of the Presidential plane and of the families of the Smolensk plane crash victims to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the alleged common research concerning the presence of explosives on the Tu-154M wreckage, prepared by the Polish and Russian experts (the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office denied it) as well as the motion submitted by lieutenant colonel Jaroslaw Sej to examine the samples of genetic material taken by the Russians in order to verify, among other things, the presence of alcohol in the blood of the Smolensk plane crash victims.
Another scandal connected with samples taken from Smolensk victims' bodies
The portal has found out that among the samples given to the Prof. J. Sehn Institute of Forensic Research in Cracow the were ones without a description. The samples are in packages attributed to a particular person but in some of these packages there are no descriptions. Therefore, it remains unknown if the samples with the biological content were actually taken from the body of the victim whose surname is on the package containing the samples. This is particularly surprising because some of the samples and phials do have descriptions and others - do not. What is more, the samples on the basis of which experts from the Sehn Institute are to do an analysis were taken from the bodies of the Smolensk plane crash victims solely by the Russians. No representative of the Polish side participated in it.
Only Russians took samples from Tu-154M wreckage
As the portal has found out, no Pole participated in taking samples from the bodies of the Smolensk plane crash victims, which are to be examined by the Prof. J. Sehn Institute of Forensic Research in Cracow. The samples on the basis of which experts from J. Sehn Institute are to conduct an analysis in terms of the content of ethanol and ascertain "antemortem concentration of ethanol" in blood at the moment of the victims' death, to verify the presence of traces of intoxicants and to establish the content of carbonmonooxide hemoglobin, were taken from the bodies of the victims of the Smolensk plane crash solely by the Russians. As the portal has found out, no representative of the Polish side participated in the activities.
11/03/2013 Tomasz "Seawolf" Mierzwinski
One of the signs that the propaganda story comes from Russia, it’s enough to see whether it is really silly. It doesn’t matter whether there is any probability, or realism. The rougher, the better. A normal person just cannot make any comment, and doesn’t know from which side he should start arguing. I am making these comments after receiving information that the experts found over 40 metal parts on the piece of wood from the Smolensk crash site, plus pieces of white and red paint from the wing of the crashed Tupolev. The biggest part is about 11 centimetres long.
Jacek Liziniewicz on the end of Marian Janicki’s farce
Two years, ten months, and nineteen days stretch between 1 March 2013 and 10 April 2010, when President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and many prominent state officials died in the Smolensk’s crash. So much time needed the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) Chief, Marian Janicki (pictured), to resign from his post. It is 29 September 2012. President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, assists celebrations accompanying opening a new bridge in Chrastava. Suddenly, a young man appears from the crowd, reaches out for a gun, and shots multiple times aiming at the President. Vaclav Klaus would have been shot dead on-the-spot, if the gun hadn’t turned out to be just a toy, firing plastic rounds.
They are going to show how the plane disintegrated over the ground
On Sunday 10 March during Parliamentary Commission investigating into the Smolensk’s crash experts will be presenting a simulation showing how the TU-154 disintegrated over the crash’s scene. The meeting will be attended by engineer Waclaw Berczynski, an adviser to ICAO, the main Boeing engineer, and NASA and Pentagon expert, and engineer Bogdan Gajewski, PhD, an advisor to ICAO, and victims’ families one.    The experts prepared a presentation showing how Tu-154 with the Polish delegation to Katyn on board disintegrated over the crash’s scene on 10 April 2010.
A row between Polish and Russian investigating bodies
A day after Gazeta Polska weekly and Gazeta Polska daily published information about tests confirming explosives presence on the Tu-154 wreckage’s debris, the Russian Federation Investigation Committee produced a statement that an expertise, conducted by Polish and Russian specialists, did not find any evidence of alleged explosion onboard. It is a lie; Polish experts have not taken a part in any researched in regard to alleged presence of explosives. In its announcement the Russian Investigating Committee wrote that conducted by Polish and Russian experts’ research did not show any traces of explosives being present. In respond to that statement the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office in Poland stated as follows: ‘Neither Polish experts nor prosecutors did not participate in any researches (esp. laboratory ones) aimed at screening wreckage’s debris in search for explosive materials’.
07/03/2013 Dorota Kania
It Was TNT After All
The first samples from the wreck of the Tu-154 in Smolensk from which Polish experts uncovered traces of TNT have been examined in the laboratory. The analyses indicated the presence of TNT – as Gazeta Polska found out. “This is another confirmation that there were explosive materials on the wreck of the Tupolev,” our contacts emphasize. The samples from the wreck were taken between September and October 2012 in Smolensk by Polish experts. They went to Smolensk to investigate whether the remnants of the Tupolev have traces indicating the workings of explosive materials. In case the presence of these types of traces is indicated, the investigations are supposed to find the type of explosive material, its place of action, and describe the force of the explosion as well as the extent of damages. The legal motion regarding this case was directed to Russia after the investigations into the exhumed bodies of the victims of the Smolensk catastrophe.
US laboratory confirms explosives traces on 10 April 2010 crash's victims personal belongings
Analyses commissioned by Stanislaw Zagrodzki, a cousin of Ewa Bakowska, who died on 10 April 2010, in the US confirmed presence of TNT on Bakowska’s personal belongings. TNT (Trinitrotoluene) is a chemical compound used in production of explosive materials; it can be secreted in case of an explosion. ‘I am leaving it without a comment’ told Stanislaw Zagrodzki ‘Gazeta Polska’ daily’s reporters. As ‘Gazeta Polska’ investigators believe there were traces of decomposed explosives’ particles being found what may support a thesis about an explosion on board. Let us recall that the Military Prosecutor’s Office insist that traces of TNT found on the wreckage’s debris in Smolensk in September are not trinitrotoluene. A blogger who published a scan of laboratory tests in Salon24 platform declared that he was not going to have a depression if meeting a ‘serial suicider’ on his way.
Tu-154M wreckage will be brought to an aviation base in Minsk Mazowiecki
Today on the Programme 3 radio station the Polish Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemoniak, said that the Tu-154M wreckage would, after being returned to Poland, be brought to the aviation base in Minsk Mazowiecki. Minister Siemoniak also assured that Polish logistics experts had prepared the route of bringing the wreckage to Poland. However, it remains unknown when it will take place. Where will the wreckage be kept later on? Siemoniak said that "it would be used in a dignified way, after consultations with the Smolensk plane crash victims' families."
Prosecutor's office avoids answering questions about the results of examinations of the samples from Tu-154M wreckage
2 days ago the prosecutor's office claimed that it did not know the results of examinations of the first samples of the Tu-154 plane. After sensational reports of the "Gazeta Polska," concerning the fact that the laboratory examinations of these samples proved the presence of TNT, the prosecutor's office suddenly denied everything. It is similar to what investigators did after Cezary Gmyz's article about traces of explosives of the governmental plane. Then prosecutors also kept denying but finally they admitted having detected traces of TNT by the experts' detectors. Having information (from a reliable source) that the first samples from the Tu-154M plane, examined by Polish experts, showed the presence of traces of TNT, the portal asked (2 days ago) the spokesman for the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office: